Podcasting Northern Beaches


Podcasting Northern Beaches

In the digital era, podcasting has developed as a key means of communication and information dissemination. It provides a unique platform for companies, content providers, and people to express their thoughts and viewpoints with a large audience, with millions of active listeners and an ever-growing quantity of podcast episodes.

The podcast audience is growing in popularity given that the commuters on buses, ferries, cars, trains, cleaners, joggers, patients waiting in waiting rooms, the list goes on, are enjoying podcasts more than songs, music or videos. The podcast is an industry in itself, and with so many podcast choices of subjects, topics and delivery styles, the listener is enjoying a banquet of subjects that not only entertains them but also can educate them as well.  To not downplay videos, the podcast has a place in a digital boomer’s life in that it’s not always possible to look at a screen, but with a bevy of choices, the earphone that was cumbersome and bulky is now slimline earbuds.

The Northern Beaches, a booming centre of creativity and innovation, is the ideal location to enter the world of podcasting and reach your captivated audience. Podcasting provides an unparalleled platform for connecting with and engaging your target audience, whether a small company trying to broaden your reach or a content producer eager to share your passion with others.

As it is known for its lively culture and active community, it provides a huge possibility for podcasting development and expansion. With its varied population and a strong sense of community, it is an ideal place for launching and growing a successful podcast. With our Northern Beaches community enjoying the outdoor living offered by our vast beaches, parks and forests, this unique environment further cements the lifestyle of podcast listening. Businesses and content providers may efficiently reach and connect with their target audience by leveraging the region’s assets and engaged audience, developing a strong brand presence, and cultivating a significant following.

Podcasts Northern Beaches

Podcasts are an ideal way for Northern Beaches businesses, groups, and people to reach a broad and engaging audience. Podcasts may aid in thought leadership development, brand awareness building, and meaningful consumer and community engagement by presenting pertinent, high-quality material in a readily accessible medium.

Podcasts offer multiple streaming platforms to share your message and connect with your target audience, whether a local business trying to display your products and services or a community leader hoping to raise awareness about major topics.


Whether you’re a business, a business owner or a major stakeholder in a business, there are many ways to portray your story to your audience.


Let’s start with the most typical type of corporate videos such as a Business Highlights Video. As the name suggests, we start with a script and from the script, create a shot list. The objective of this video is to showcase your branding to your business. Yes, your audience remembers a brand, more than details, and with this video, the vision and images connect your story underpinning your brand. Let us create a 1-2 minute highlights reel with the WOW factor to make your brand and your story really stand out from the pack.


It’s simple, who is your audience will determine the type of presentation video you need. In sales, do you need a testimonial video from clients who want to tell their story of how happy they are with your products or services. At an exhibition, do you need a product video to play in a loop muted to a noisy environment that is visually engaging and supers that tell your story. Whatever story you need to tell in a presentation, our script writers and film crew can deliver your story. Once on our editor’s desk, the Producer directs our editor to give it that WOW factor.


How many times has a story been “lost in translation” especially when explaining a feature or a benefit with a product or a service? Let our script writer create a script with humour and fun so that your explainer videos, are fun to watch, so that they’re easy to remember. Challenge us with your product or service, and our script writer can transform your explanation into a great explanation story. ​


The How-To video format is one of the most popular ways to teach viewers. Whether an explanation or instructional video for a product or an online course, the "How-to" videos are designed to provide accurate instruction in a step-by-step delivery that is easy to understand and compelling to watch. Our Writers and Producers are Training and Assessment Education (TAE) trained, so they will be able to help you capture, not only the right content, but also guide and coach you on how to present it in the most authentic way.


Today, as a business owner or a major stakeholder of a business, we want to get noticed by nosy parkers. We want gossipers to gossip about us. We make it our business to get those tongues wagging and we want to be the talk of the town. It’s our role to get you into their faces so lots of videos and images in real-time of you carrying about doing your business is going to set those tongues wagging. We need to make sure there’s something funny or deep or strange or wonderful or exciting or mind-blowing or feel-good that’ll keep your wannabe fans watching your space. It’s us getting to know your business and our Marketing guru making a story worth viewing.


Promo or Showmo – everyone of us have a creative genius within us, but our creative genius is the ability to create promotional or showcase videos that brings to life your product or service. How do we do this? We become your biggest fan! That’s right. For us to become your biggest fan, we need to become obsessed with you, your product, your service so we know how to write the promotional blurb that will excite and enthral your audience to get excited about your promo and waiting in anticipation for the release or the launch or whatever this anticipated story looks and sounds like. Yes, our team are on standby to become your biggest fan.


Our live-stream vehicle, nicknamed “MERK” is branded on the outside ASKI LIVE MEDIA and on the inside are our road cases containing cameras, lights, audio kits, cables galore, large monitor screen and screens, PA systems, staging – enough to turn any event into a fully digitised live streaming event for your highlights or presentations or streaming directly to a live audience on the other end of Zoom or FaceBook. Speak to our specialists because it is a specialised field that requires a bit of technical capability, knowhow and the right equipment.


For any charity or corporation, AGM’s need to be a real “blast” of excitement with a thrilling delivery to an audience of stakeholders, shareholders, peers etc. In our studio, let us record and transform a formal setting and environment into a “blast” of great information, from the Chairman’s Address, guest speakers, and delivery of the Treasurer’s report that provides your audience with enthusiasm and pride to be a part of a dynamic and industrious company.


A product video is an explainer video that effectively demonstrates the benefits of a product or service. ​ You have a product or a service that you’ve spent time and effort to perfect and prepare for the market to know about it. So in this big reveal we help you make it a GREAT reveal. Strategic camera positioning, angles, slow-mo, with music to boot and all the elements of creating an exciting reveal is all here in our studio, ready to launch you and your product and your service. ​


Did I tell you we had a script writer that can write, not just a story, but a GREAT story?! Our script writers are telling Indigenous stories that we are shooting as a documentary with our award-winning cameramen around Australia, at broadcast quality for television network stations. If you have a documentary that needs shooting, then our Executive Producer is interested to work with you.

Podcast Studio Northern Beaches

A fantastic way to express your voice and interact with your audience is by starting a podcast. A podcast studio gives you the tools, space, and experience to produce high-quality podcasts. You may ensure that your audio is crisp, clear, and of excellent quality by using our professional studio. Our cutting-edge studio is built with innovative technology and high-quality equipment, guaranteeing that your podcast is delivered with the highest sound quality possible. Whether you are an individual, a business, or a community group, connecting with a company like us, with a specialised podcast studio in the Northern Beaches region, allows you to produce your podcast at a time that works best for you.

Podcast Production Northern Beaches

Producing a podcast may be an arduous, time-consuming process, but it can also be fun and rewarding with the right support. Here at ASKI Live Media, we can assist you with producing and distributing your podcast. We can aid you with anything or anyone – if you need an anchor presenter to host your podcast while you become the co-host to bring to life your story and presentations, then ASKI Live Media is the one for you.  Of course, to supplement a perfect anchor presenter, we also assist you with bringing relevant guests to speak on your podcast episode.  But let’s not forget the recording and editing cutting-edge recording technology and advanced tools that we use to publish and then market your podcast. You can rest assured that your podcast sound is professional and reaches your target audience, enabled by our seasoned specialists.

Podcast Management Northern Beaches

The correct resources and know-how to manage the production of a podcast is less challenging. When moments of unexpected incidents occur, we rise to the occasion to smooth them out to maintain calmness amongst the talent and professionals in the recording studio.  A Northern Beaches podcast management business like ours can assist you in all areas of podcast management, from publishing and marketing to audience engagement and podcast series development. With an experienced staff, you can concentrate on developing outstanding content while we manage the rest. We are here to help you whether you are just starting or seeking to expand your podcast.

Podcast Promotion Northern Beaches

As a podcast promotion company, we will assist you with all aspects of podcast marketing, from social media and email marketing to paid advertising and public relations. With the help of our skilled staff, you can guarantee that your podcast reaches the correct audience and boosts your brand. We can assist you in reaching your goals, whether expanding your podcast’s audience or creating a community around it.

ASKI Live Media: Your Partner in Podcast Production

Have you desired to advance your podcast? ASKI Live Media can assist you! We have the knowledge and experience necessary to transform your idea into a polished, high-quality podcast making us your leading provider of podcasting services. We have you covered everything from recording and editing to publishing and marketing. 

Our state-of-the-art podcast studio provides the equipment, space, and expertise you need to create a high-quality, professional podcast. Our studio has everything you need to get the job done. So why wait? Book your ASKI Live Studio session today and bring your podcast vision to life.

Get in touch with us right now to learn more about how we can support your podcasting goals.