Ocean Thunder

Ocean Thunder Case Study


ASKI Live Media, a leading audio-visual company, is the incumbent provider of PA systems to Ocean Thunder for more than 10 years.  Ocean Thunder is an elite surf boat racing event, held at Dee Why Beach during November to February.  ASKI Live Media’s role is to provide a professional PA system and create engaging social media video posts. The objective is enhancing the event experience for competitors and spectators while leveraging social media to generate buzz and increase audience engagement. This case study highlights how ASKI Live Media successfully fulfilled these requirements, delivering a seamless audio experience to the competitors, spectators, announcers, presenters, organisers, sponsors, and beachgoers – and captivating video content for Fox Sports and Channel Nine and social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook and websites.

Client Requirements

Ocean Thunder had specific requirements for their event, including:

Planning and Pre-production

PA System Installation and Operation

Social Media Video Posts

Delivery and Results

ASKI Live Media delivered the PA system and social media video posts to Ocean Thunder achieving the desired outcomes and generating positive results such as:


ASKI Live Media provided a professional PA system and our creation of engaging social media video posts significantly contributed to the success of the Ocean Thunder event. Through familiarity and knowing how this event runs, our seamless installation and operation of the PA system, our creative video production, and attention to detail to ensure nothing is left to chance, we run the PA and socials with authority. ASKI Live Media has helped Ocean Thunder enhance the event experience, generate the buzz, and increase audience engagement and awareness of the brand and event. The successful collaboration between ASKI Live Media and Ocean Thunder showcases our company’s expertise in being the expert for providing audio-visual services and having the ability to deliver impactful results for any live event.