Why ASKI Live Media


It’s all about getting the shot. To get the shot, it’s about finding that Point of Difference, whether it is the colour, shade, angle, object, timing – the work of our award winning cameramen is getting the shot, the composition of each frame, in focus, and timely. It’s about handing the vision over to our award winning Editors, to add the dramatics with attention to detail, that will emphasise your story.


Our video production studio is set up with the cameras, lighting and audio equipment operated by our team, all provided in house. We operate up to 5 studio cameras with the objective of creating engaging content for your audience.

Our audio technician mics you up for sound so that your voice is recorded crisp and clear and an overhead boom microphone for presenters who like to walk and talk in front of the cameras.

Finally, the correct lighting will dictate the mood of the scene that is being shot, whether that lighting is natural or controlled lighting, we have the skillset and equipment to set the scene correctly.


Let’s be SMART and look at Video and Podcast packages from ASKI Live Media as part of your annual marketing budget that you pay a monthly subscription. We conduct a discovery meeting, 4 times per year, that maps and gaps your video requirements to cover each quarterly period.

Your content-hungry audience will consume regularly, fresh content as we release it regularly on the channels that your target audience are watching on or listening to. Talk to us about how we can establish a video and podcast package that will suit your budget but delivers your story constantly and impressively.