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Documentary Production Company Sydney

Documentary Production Company Sydney

Documentary Production

ASKI Live Media is a video production company and producing documentaries is a specialist artform. Documentaries can educate, inform or raise awareness about a particular subject or issue.

More importantly for businesses, documentary productions can be created with subtlety of highlighting a company’s products, services or values. Such videos are a great way to attract an audience interested in learning about the company or the process or the product or the service purely for the information that is presented.

Documentary productions are great for shooting behind-the-scenes processes that are involved at each departmental area of the company. This creates credibility and associates a standard of quality that the product or service must pass as it moves through each step thus the customer or consumer is aware of the value behind the product or service.

Documentary productions are also great for creating induction and training videos for employees for the purpose of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of training programs. Video productions covering areas such as safety protocols, customer service, new employee orientation builds knowledge and purpose so that each employee contributes positively to performing the tasks proficiently within their role.

Finally, documentary productions can educate or inform an audience by breaking down complex concepts to simple easy-to-understand vision. These videos become invaluable for educating customers, investors, or other stakeholders creating trust and reassurance of the value proposition.

Sydney's Best Documentary Makers

ASKI Live Media is a documentary production company based in Sydney, Australia. As experts in the field of documentary video creation, we can help businesses in a number of ways. For example:

Brand Storytelling

ASKI Live Media helps businesses compellingly tell their own unique story through documentary video creation. This is an effective way to connect with customers and build brand loyalty.

Corporate Documentaries

ASKI Live Media produces documentaries to showcase your company’s products, services, or history. These videos can be used for internal training, marketing purposes, or to share with stakeholders.

Event Coverage

ASKI Live Media captures the highlights of a corporate event in a documentary-style video. This is a great way to promote future events, share highlights with attendees, or showcase the company’s capabilities.

Training videos

ASKI Live Media produces training videos that are informative and engaging. This is a bare essential for any corporation requiring induction videos or training videos. Building a library of videos for each process allows your workers to confidently follow the company’s Standards of Operations competently. It lifts staff morale when each worker carries their own load, remaining positive contributors to the company’s overall objectives. It removes any guess work and as the company evolves and creates better efficiencies, then updating the videos means the workers are always current with their skills and processes. ASKI Live Media delivers the tone of the company’s culture through the storytelling to ensure the company’s brand and work ethics remains intact. Short sharp and sweet is in the forefront of creating the final products of the training videos to ensure the trainee can quickly grasp the concepts in a simple delivery. Occasionally we are requested to incorporate exaggeration of tasks and humor to encourage better recall of the processes. Our Producers are well versed in how to deliver a production that delivers on every training sequence to encourage the best learning outcomes for the trainee.

Made for TV Documentaries

ASKI Live Media is a documentary production company based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in creating high-quality TV documentaries that engage and inform viewers. Here are some ways ASKI Live Media can help businesses with their documentary production:

Promote Brand Awareness

ASKI Live Media creates documentaries to showcase a business's products, services, or mission. These documentaries can help companies to raise brand awareness and reach new audiences.

Increase credibility

Documentaries are a powerful way to establish a business's credibility and expertise in their industry. ASKI Live Media produces documentaries highlighting a business's accomplishments, success stories or thought leadership.

Engage audiences

TV documentaries must capture viewers' attention that will create an emotional connection. ASKI Live Media makes documentaries to tell a compelling story and engage the audience to leave a lasting impression.

Generate leads

Documentaries are a tool to generate leads by providing valuable information and insights to potential customers. ASKI Live Media creates educational documentaries to establish a business's authority in its industry.

Improve SEO

Video content, including TV documentaries, will help businesses improve their search engine optimization (SEO). ASKI Live Media creates documentaries optimized for search engines, making it easier for companies to find them online.

Overall, ASKI Live Media’s expertise in documentary production becomes a valuable asset for businesses looking to enhance their own brand image, engage with their audience, and achieve their marketing goals.

Our Process in Documentary Production

ASKI Live Media is committed to delivering top-notch documentaries that capture the essence of your brand or story. Here’s our standard process:


We start by learning about your brand or story and gathering as much information as possible to ensure we deeply understand your vision.


Our team conducts extensive research on the topic or subject matter of the documentary. We leave no stone unturned to gather relevant and accurate information.


This is where we develop the concept, script, and storyboard. We collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is being brought to life.


Our team of experts use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to capture high-quality footage. We make sure that everything is done according to schedule.


Our editors work magic to turn the raw footage into a captivating story. We add music, voiceovers, and other elements to enhance production.


We deliver the final product to you in the format of your choice. We pride ourselves on providing quality documentaries that exceed your expectations.

At ASKI Live Media, we are passionate about creating documentaries that compellingly tell your story. Trust us to deliver a documentary that will resonate with your audience and leave a lasting impression.

For top and reliable documentary production services in Sydney, trust ASKI Live Media. We deliver fast, quality service that is perfect for all your video production needs.