Beach Rugby

Beach Rugby

ASKI Live Media is a leading provider of high-end PA equipment, speakers, microphones and audio-visual equipment for any event, large or small, for sound that is crisp and clear. Beach 5s Australia engaged the services of ASKI Live Media to not only provide the PA system for every event over the Spring/Summer season, but were also engaged as the Producer of all Beach 5s Australia’s digital content.

From Sydney beaches to Newcastle to the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Far North Queensland, the ASKI Live Media crew were reliable, technically competent and pumped through multiple speakers great music, announcements and running commentary that entertained the crowds giving players greater exposure to fans, friends and family who all enjoyed the events.

The video productions caught the heart of Beach 5’s rugby sport and at the same time captured Beach 5s Australia sponsors, the geographical location where the event was hosted, the sport itself, the players, spectators and beach goers – all enjoying this high adrenalin action and fun, using the beautiful beach as the backdrop.

By partnering with ASKI Live Media, Beach 5s Australia was able to reach a wider audience and gain greater exposure for the sport. The social media videos of the event generated significant interest leading to increased brand awareness for the event and the sport which has now become more popular with more teams entering the Beach 5s events.

This partnership proved a huge success, with both ASKI Live Media and Beach 5s Australia seeing significant benefits from the collaboration. ASKI Live Media had a new platform to showcase their expertise gaining greater exposure to a new audience, while Beach 5s Australia was able to enhance the quality of their event and reach a wider audience through social media.

Overall, the partnership between ASKI Live Media and Beach 5s Australia was a great example of how collaboration can benefit both parties and help to promote a brand or event to a wider audience.